Nature’s Protection Rabbit Heart Bites

Nature’s Protection Superior Care treats – premium class, natural and exclusive taste snacks created to fulfill various pet’s needs. All products are free of artificial colorants, flavorings and preservatives. Formulas contain natural selected high-quality ingredients that are beneficial for pets. Rabbit heart bites are great treats for dogs with allergies and sensitive digestive systems. Due to carefully selected protein sources, proper tear composition is maintained, which can help to remove brown tear stains around the eyes, mouth and paws. This snack is enough for a long time – the pet will take a while to eat the whole treat.

  • Natural taste and smell.
  • Suitable for white dogs.
  • Suitable for pets with a sensitive digestive system, does not complicate the digestive tract.
  • Low-fat meat, so suitable for pet weight control.
  • Easy to use package with zip lock will save snacks from humidity.
  • Perfect treat for training.
  • For adult dogs.



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