Nature’s Protection Lifestyle Rabbit Sticks

Nature’s Protection Lifestyle treats – premium class, natural and exclusive taste snacks created to fulfill various pet’s needs. All products are free of artificial colorants, flavorings and preservatives. Formulas contain natural selected high-quality ingredients that are beneficial for pets. Rabbit sticks can be used for pet pampering or training. Rabbit is a lean meat with hypoallergenic properties, so it does not burden the digestive system and is suitable for allergy-prone dogs. Your pet will love this treat after the first bite.
  • Natural taste and smell.
  • Has hypoallergenic properties.
  • Free of artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives.
  • Grain free ingredients.
  • Suitable for pets with a sensitive digestive system, does not complicate the digestive tract.
  • Contains 46.5% rabbit meat and 30% chicken.
  • Rabbit and chicken are a lean source of protein, so they are suitable for pet weight control.
  • Easy to use package with zip lock will save snacks from humidity.
  • For adult dogs.


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