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Romlay since 2016

How we became the company that fosters passionn for dogs

Our story starts here

The Romlay brand was established in 2016 under FCI registration Romlay Royal in breeding and showing pomeranians. Some beautiful pomeranians under this kennel name went on to get their Inter championships in the EU and others AKC championships and AKC Grand champions with entry and placements in AKC annual Pomeranian Speciality and Westminster.

Our Story

The story of a love for this toy breed started in 2001 when | imported my first
pet pomeranian Medolino and later aquired and bred show and breeding prospects.

This website is dedicated to all that have learned about this breed, other toy breeds and small mixed breeds in general. My interest for showing and breeding has turned into a passion for dog health, coat care and overall how to better our pet lives.

All products on this page have been tested myself personally and carefully selected so you can easily find what your pet needs. | have said it before and will say it again all pets are show dogs and all show dogs are pets.

Our little dogs have become our family and often best friends and when ever we go out with them we are showing them. Our pups deserve the best.

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