Nature’s Protection Lifestyle Lamb Sticks

Nature’s Protection Lifestyle treats – premium class, natural and exclusive taste snacks created to fulfill various pet’s needs. All products are free of artificial colorants, flavorings and preservatives. Formulas contain natural selected high-quality ingredients that are beneficial for pets. Lamb sticks are a delicious and healthy snacks, suitable for pet pampering and training. Lamb is low in allergens, so this snack is suitable for dogs prone to allergy. Your pet will love this treat after the first bite.
  • Natural taste and smell.
  • Suitable for dogs with a sensitive digestive system, as lamb is an easily digestible meat.
  • Contains 44.8% lamb, 30% chicken.
  • Lamb is a lean source of protein, suitable for weight control.
  • Lamb is rich in iron and Vitamin B.
  • Easy to use package with zip lock will save snacks from humidity.
  • Perfect treat for training.
  • For adult dogs.


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