HYPONIC FOMINA (Creamy Foaming Dispenser) 700ml

Enjoy bath time with HYPONIC FOMINA for ease of diluting shampoo into foam!
● FOMINA creates creamy foam from your favorite HYPONIC shampoo and makes it perfectly ready for washing your pet.
● Reduce bath time, save shampoo + water, enjoy healthier cleansing, minimize irritation
● HOW TO USE? Pour water and shampoo to desired ratio. Thoroughly soak pets body
with water, pump a few times and then massage foam into your pet. Rinse thoroughly so
no residue is left behind.
● Perfect for groomers and salons for having your favorite products ready to use
● For pet owners who enjoy washing their pet paws after each walk, having their favorite
shampoo perfectly mixed with water each time, prevents spilling the shampoo


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