HYPONIC Pure Cotton Pads (pets) 50sheets

Hyponic Cotton Pads – 100% Cotton Smooth Cotton (50sheets)
● 100% cotton fabric is compressed with purified water at high pressure (using waterjet method) to prevent dust flurries, lint and sliding.
● Ultra soft, hypoallergenic cotton pads can be safely used on sensitive pets’ skin.
● The perforated, fine weave surface cleans away skin debris, including around the eyes and ears of the pet.
● Unfoldable cotton pads can be used varyingly such as for cleansing around pet’s mouth, the soles of the feet and other topical areas.
How to use it on pets:
● Cleanse ears, use with ear cleanser
● Cleans the eyes and tear line, and will not throw out hair fragments into the eyes
● Clean teeth or soles, use instead of gauze, effectively absorb dirt


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