Nature’s Protection Superior Care Grain Free White Dogs Starter Salmon

Up to 4 months old –  Suitable for pregnant and lactating female dogs – 1,5 kg, 10 kg

  • Unique formula for puppies, that can help to prevent and remove brown stains around the eyes, mouth and paws that appear due to tears and saliva. Carefully designed to sustain the appropriate transparent composition of tears, saliva and keep a stainless coat.
  • Diet which contains ingredients with no gluten can help to avoid disorders of the digestive system and allergic reactions.
  • Free of grain-based ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Suitable for pets with sensitive digestive systems because this type of feed does not burden the digestive tract.
  • The main and easily digestable source of the highest quality proteins – highest quality salmon.
  • Contains only highest-quality ingredients.
  • Antarctic krill, unique and 100% sustainable source of Omega-3, serves your pet’s body with scientifically proven benefits. According to the latest reasearches* Omega-3 from krill is more efectivelly absorbed than from usual fish-oils by 2,5 times.



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