HYPONIC Grooming Shampoo Clipper Cut&Moisturizing 1,5l

HYPONIC GROOMING ARTIST (Clipper Cut & Moisturizing) is 100% hypoallergenic shampoo specialized for creating that sliding effect on your dog’s coat and is ideal for dogs with long coats and drop coats.

This gentle cleanser is made from 100%natural cleansing agents and free of hazardous chemical substances formulated with Lavender and Matricaria Flower Extracts for silky soft hair and Freesia Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract and panthenol for healthy skin. Rich, creamy bubbles and the soft feeling of washing do not require a conditioner.

Relatively high in moisturizing power, therefore, effective in calming and nourishing the skin of dogs with a clipper cut, this type of shampoo is not suitable for a scissor cut due to the high moisture retention. In consequence, the groomer may feel a ‘sliding’ effect with the scissor. HYPONIC Grooming Artist Shampoo is suitable for puppies or large dogs that do not require scissor cuts.

● HYPOALLERGENIC – 100% natural therapy shampoo created especially for groomers with quality cleansing ingredients.
● NO separate conditioner required!


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